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Market Hotel

Mesnes Street, Wigan, Wigan

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Built in 1875. The first licensee was Thomas Holcroft,and the premises also had stabling available.

In September 1876 the Wigan Gymnasium Society was formed and used a room in the hotel, the Society had 40 members and provided various pieces of equipment including singlestick. boxing, foil, dumb-bell, horizontal bar and a trapeze.

Being adjacent to the new Market regular livestock auctions were held in the hotel yard. The Market Hotel became a well-known watering hole and catered for all classes working around the Market Hall.

In 1878, Thomas as a consequence of the depression in trade within the town he reduced his Sixpenny Beer to fourpence per quart, and was providing Burton and Scotch beers to his clientele.

In 1905 the hotel was sold at auction having been in the family for almost 30 years. The auction included the hotel together with a large yard, stables containing 15 stalls, carriage, and cart sheds, along with other outbuildings. 

The premises were bought for £17,000, equivalent to approximately £1.3 million, reflecting the popularity and profitability of the business.

The building continued to prosper throughout the following years.

Prior to WWI the Loyal Duke of Wellington Masonic Lodge held their meetings at the Market Hotel..

 2021 - Currently unoccupied.


1937-1976 Memories by Laurence Cook of life in the Market Hotel from Courtesy of Wigan Archives (PastFoward 2001)



History of the Market Hotel - comprehensive history and some personal experiences by local historian Dyland Harris.