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  • Newton Road
  • Newton Road
Grade U

Newton Road

150 - 180 Lowton WA3 1DG, Lowton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
Part of Group:
At Risk: No


“18th century weavers' cottages, now modernised. The black and white photograph shows former weaver Mrs Margaret Taylor standing outside no. 156 with her grandson in 1929. Above the entrance to the modern no. 156 is a plaque inscribed “WEAVERS \ 1720 \ COTTAGE”. Herbert Worsley explains in his book “A Pictorial View of Old Lowton” (1993) that “This cottage had a one-loom shop. Two doors away at [no.] 160 there was a two-loom shop”. 'Shop' was the local term for a weaving room.”