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Wigan Buildings aims to be the first of its kind in the UK to have such a dedicated place for all of its buildings of interest.

The People

Andy and Brian have been behind Save Wigan since its formation in 2009 and share a great passion for the town and the long term protection and remedy of its finest buildings. Andy continues to Chair the group and Brian continues with web development and is responsible for the creation of this website.  With the help of Save Wigan member Peter, the database was centralised and then incorporated in to Wigan Buildings after many hours of organising and catagorising.

The Idea

An idea stemmed from a meeting with Wigan Council in 2013 in respect to current affairs of the town's heritage & conservation issues. An idea was proposed that a more central database of Wigan's listed and unlisted buildings should be formulated and thus a website formed to promote Wigan Borough's finest architecture & history.

The Future

Log-in ability for the general public to upload images attached to a particular building. Social history development by sharing stories/memories of particular places.

We'll provide an education pack for local schools to encourage the teaching of local history and focus upon their respective areas.

Formation of a Building Preservation Trust to become pro-active towards the historic fabric of the town and surrounding areas.

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